Below are a list of frequently asked questions regarding hardwood floors, tile floors, custom floors and more…

What is the best wood to use for hardwood floors?

This is determined by a number of factors to consider, we advise to obtain a free estimate for further assistance.

What is the process of floor installations?

There are a number of step taken in order to fully instal a floor, this also depends on the floor type being installed.

What is a Hands scraped floor?

Hand scraped flooring is a distressed look that is fast becoming the look most homeowners are going for. We hand scrape our wood to give you the unique distressed look, adding character and style to any home.

What are the benefits of Hardwood floors?

There are several benefits to hardwood floors. They are 80% cleaner then carpets, eliminating dust mites and bacteria. Are easier to maintain with a dust mop and Hardwood floors will give your home more value not to mention the long lasting beauty and elegance.

What type of Hardwood floor should I use for my home?

There are several beautiful types of Hardwood flooring to choose from, one of our consultants will help advise you on the perfect type of Hardwood floor to make your home more elegant.

What is Cork Flooring?

Cork flooring is made from the bark of cork oak trees, a renewable material. Cork flooring is available in many shades, finishes and is one of the most resilient floor coverings on the market. Contact one of our consultants to find out more.

Do you refinish existing Hardwood floors?

Yes we do. We will make your existing hardwood floor look new again.

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes. You can fill out the Request a quote form and we will have one of our consultants contact you with a quote.

What is Kumaru wood?

It is a beautiful exotic South American wood with rich red and brown tones.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 1998.

How often would I need to replace my wood floors?

Every 100 years or so. Wood floors can stand the test of time and can be sanded and refinished to bring back the luster and beauty of when it was originally installed.

How do I maintain my hardwood floors?

Do not use oil based soaps or waxes, they are a thing of the past and they leave a build up that will cause problems when it is time for maintenance coat. A simple moist towel will normally clean your floors on a day-to-day basis. There is a variety of professional products available at any home improvement center.